Gin Pom and Tonnie

Sigh.  The holidays are over.  A let down and a relief in my book… it is such a busy but exciting time.  I made the journey to North Carolina to visit family and had a wonderful week off.  Besides shopping and laughing, we ate our little hearts out.  My mother is a fabulous cook, and I love watching her in the kitchen.

Here is a brief highlight of what she whipped up:



Beef tenderloin with roasted parsnips and carrots

lobster pasta

Fresh lobster over gluten free pasta and homemade sauce

mushroom soup

Gluten and dairy free mushroom soup

pear salad

Roasted pear salad

Recipes to come!  While mom was busy in the kitchen and taunting us with delicious smells, I enjoyed a Christmas cocktail.  I wanted to combine a few different flavors and was very happy with what I came up with!

To make a Gin Pom and Tonnie….in a glass, combine:

  • 1 shot of gin
  • 2 shots of tonic water
  • top off with pomegranate juice
  • a lime wedge

gin pom ton


Hope this helps you decompress after the holidays, while still enjoying a little red and green 🙂

Happy Allergy Free Eating!





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