I was totally unaware of how prevalent wheat and dairy were in our mainstream diets until I couldn’t have them anymore.  So what foods are these ingredients in and what the heck can I actually eat? I hope these lists help you become more aware of what you are eating everyday and how you can change the pace of your diet by trying new ingredients.

Different diets that exclude certain foods include Vegetarianism and Veganism.  Ever thought of what it would be like to be Vegan, think instantly of a juicy steak, and then shake your head?  Well, that’s exactly what I do.  However, a recent episode of Oprah has made me think a little bit more about undiscovered connections between my food allergies and being Vegan.  Or rather, Vegan-ish.

What is really great about learning about the variety of foods that are out there is that ANYONE can eat them!  You don’t have to have allergies to eat these alternatives to wheat and dairy.  And actually, there are several benefits to eating a wheat and dairy free diet.


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