Local Restaurant Raves

In the process of moving, I have been eating a few meals out in an effort to clean out the fridge.  Or maybe it is just an excuse to sample some local flavor!  Either way, I have come across some great restaurants with gluten free fare.  I have mentioned a couple before, but they need to be mentioned again for their outstanding dishes.

The Met Bar in Dedham, MA.  (They also have other locations).  A bunless burger, topped with avocado, bacon, and veggies…. along side gluten free sweet potato fries!

Joes’ American Bar and Grill in Braintree, MA.  (Also have other locations).  A burger topped with carmelized onions, on a gluten free bun with gluten free sweet potato fries!  I usually don’t have so many options for my side, but Joe’s has so many potato sides that are gluten free.

Gennaro’s Italian Restaurant in Quincy, MA.  Gluten free pasta with chicken, eggplant, proscuitto, and a pesto marinara sauce.  It’s been so long since I have had pasta in a restaurant!

Easy Pie in Braintree, MA.  Gluten free pizza topped with a mound of goat cheese, onions, chicken, red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, and pesto.  Amazing flavor combo.

Happy Allergy Free Eating Out!

My posts will be a little sporadic as I move, so I apologize in advance.  I’ll be back soon!


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