Gluten Free on the Go

In my daily busy life, I have had to eat meals out more than usual.  It can be tough eating in restaurants while having allergies, but I do always find waiters and waitresses very agreeable and friendly when they hear the word “allergy.”  I always fear that they will spit in my food, but instead, they seek out a manager who comes to my table to reassure me that my meal will meet my needs.  I have to get used to this… it’s like having a personal chef looking out for me!

In my recent outings, I have found some more than accommodating restaurants.  Margaritas gave me corn tortillas for my fajitas instead of flour ones.  Not Your Average Joe’s has an entire gluten free section.  Gennaro’s Italian Eatery serves gluten free pasta.  It is so nice to see allergy free foods becoming more wide spread than my own kitchen.  The biggest surprise, however, was today.

I was speaking at a math conference at Bridgewater University, where they offered lunch.  When I entered the lunch line, I was nervous.  Potato salad.  Pasta Salad.  Cookies.  Chips.  Sandwiches.  Ugh!  But then I saw it….

Gluten Free sandwiches!  I was in awe.  I could eat lunch with the other kids!  I had a chicken and bacon sandwich, and couldn’t have been happier.  I am so fortunate to have discovered my allergies in a time where the trend is growing with me, and not against me.

Happy Allergy Free Eating Out!


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  1. Alissa W

    Gennaro’s has the best food. MMmmmm.

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