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My mom was visiting this weekend, and we ate our way through the East Coast.  We spent time in downtown Boston, Maine, and Rhode Island.  Lots of sightseeing, walking, eating, and laughing!  We love spending time together, and we especially love to eat together.  As I eat out more in restaurants, it is getting easier to decide what to eat and how to ask the right questions of waiters and waitresses.

On the menu this weekend was beet salad and Kobe beef tips at Met Bar and Grill in Boston:

I have really come to love beets!  They don’t taste at all how I thought they would.

Kobe beef has such a unique meat taste.  Yum.

In Maine, my mom and I both love to get our lobster fill.  So I got beef tenderloin and a lobster tail:

In Newport, Rhode Island, I ordered a mixed green salad with crab meat at the Barking Crab.  By their own protocol, a manager came to talk to me about my allergies and even served my meal to me.

I ate all the crab meat before I remembered to take a picture!

I have to say, having allergies actually made it easier to eat out and feel good about what I am eating.  I wasn’t tempted to order fried seafood like I normally would because I knew how I would feel.  I did have to substitute a few side orders with veggies, but that isn’t a bad thing!  You really are what you eat, and I know now that I can eat out and feel great.  I don’t feel like I have to diet now after a long weekend of eating.  Summer is just the start of fresh eating and healthy living!


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