Spicy Mexicana Sauce

In the mood for something spicy for dinner, I made a quick and easy Spicy Mexicana Sauce to put over chicken.  I found a can of chipotle peppers in the ethnic food section of my grocery store and thought they would make a great base for the Mexicana sauce.  Cheap, too!

In the mini chop food processor, add one half of the can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Then add 3 tablespoons of mayo (I actually used Lemonnaise), 4 shakes of cumin,  1 tsp. chopped garlic, and the juice of one lime.  Chop on high until blended.  Done!  That’s it!  I like things pretty spicy… so if you can’t tolerate the heat, just add more mayo.

I then covered chicken breasts with salt, pepper, more lime juice and cumin and baked them on a cookie sheet at 375 degrees.  When they were done, I spread the sauce over the chicken and served!

Other ways to use Spicy Mexicana Sauce:

  • as a sauce for black beans or rice
  • as an enchilada or fajita sauce… slice cooked chicken breasts and bake them rolled in corn tortillas covered with your favorite toppings and Mexicana Sauce
  • as a sauce for pork tenderloin… or to create a mexican pulled pork
  • as a spicy dipping sauce for veggies for a snack
  • for breakfast in scrambled eggs, with spicy sausage on the side

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