Favorite Apps

I, like most other people, really depend on my cell phone.  Not only is it an obvious form of communication, but it can help with healthy eating and weight loss, too!  I wanted to share my favorite healthy living apps…

1.  Whole Foods.  This app is great for any foodie, with or without allergies.  It has an enormous collection of recipes… just type in a food course, category, or special diet item, and it comes up with several recipes matching your search.  Or type in what you already have in the pantry, and it will list possible recipes.  When looking at a recipe, you can add the ingredients to a shopping list and take it with you to the grocery store!  I especially appreciate the special diet section, where it tells me if the recipe has wheat or dairy in it.  Genius!

2.  Calorie Counter.  Does what it says it does… counts your calories…as well as your protein, carbs, and fat for the day and by meal.  Enter in what you have eaten that day and it gives you all the statistics.  It even has a large database for popular brands, restaurants, and supermarket brands.  Journaling your meals is a great weight loss tip… once you actually see what you are eating and how it adds up, it is much easier to adapt your diet.

3.  C25K.  Couch to 5K.  This app is great for exercise motivation.  It starts out slow… running and walking for specifically timed intervals for a period of about 35 minutes total.  It increases the amount you run every few sessions, until you are running as far as a 5K!  I actually followed the whole program through and found it very easy to get to a 5K, a far reaching goal in my mind.  You can also play music from your phone in a playlist while you are exercising.

Hope these apps help you with healthy living goals, they have certainly helped me.  🙂


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  1. Pat Forger

    Great apps Lauren! Thanks ! 🙂 Love reading your blog.

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