I love cooking and thinking of new recipes, but really love sharing a meal with good friends.  Last night, a couple of my best friends from college came over for a home cooked meal.  I wanted them to try a wheat and dairy free meal and promised that they wouldn’t even notice.  I knew they would be perfect guinea pigs for my raspberry almond turkey cutlets and honey lemon carrots.

While I was cooking, they sampled Boy that’s good Bean Dip and rice crackers.  They loved the appetizer so much that they so graciously left me only one rice cracker, followed by an “oops, sorry… but this dip is really good.”  Talk about happy customers!

While they were munching on their new favorite crackers, I made raspberry almond turkey cutlets and honey lemon carrots.  It is such an easy recipe, that I was able to enjoy time with my friends instead of being stuck in the kitchen for too long.  Since one of my friend is obsessed with vegetables, I also made a raspberry walnut salad.  Here are the final products:









As a side note, I couldn’t find turkey cutlets that looked thick enough, so I bought a whole turkey breast and cut it into four slices that I thought looked hearty.  I considered chicken for this recipe when I was having a hard time finding turkey, but glad I stuck with the other white meat.  We all agreed that the raspberry almond was a perfect combination with the turkey.

Overall, they gave a thumbs up and didn’t miss wheat or dairy!  I hope I can cook for them again and make them converts 🙂



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2 responses to “Ras-yummy!

  1. Rebecca

    I’m really sorry about eating all of your rice crackers…they were just so good! Dinner was delicious…I might someday convert.

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