Guilty Pleasure

“But don’t you miss pizza?”  I get this question a lot.  Pizza is like a devil food to me because it combines wheat and egg in the crust and dairy in the cheese.  At first, I definitely missed pizza.  The cheesy-ness, the thick crust, the ease of ordering it after a long day.

Having allergies is not like being on a diet, where you could really cheat if you wanted to and could deal with the guilt.  I won’t give into temptation because I know how the devil foods make me feel.  But instead of thinking I would “never” have pizza again, I thought about how I could.

Thank goodness for Bob’s Red Mill.  This company makes flours I didn’t even know existed.  What really great is that they make gluten free as well as wheat based flours, so it is a great product for everyone.  And, I can find it in my regular grocery store.

Yesterday I decided to give Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust a try.  I made the pizza crust from the bag of gluten free flour by just adding warm water, oil, and egg (although I used the handy trick of substituting 1 tbsp. of flaxseed meal with 3 tbsp. water for every egg called for).  It was so easy to make!

Because I was feeling lazy, I used Ragu Pizza Sauce instead of homemade, and added my favorite dairy free cheeses as well as mushrooms and chopped green peppers.  YUM!

Do I miss pizza?  No way!  Instead of feeling that I would never eat pizza again, I found a way to eat this guilty pleasure.  My food allergies don’t prevent me from eating my favorite foods… they just challenge me to find different, creative, and healthy ways to eat them!


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