Boy that’s good Black Bean Dip

Easiest recipe going for something so tasty!  I use my Cuisanart Mini Chop Food Processor.  It is much smaller than a full size Food Processor, and perfect for this dip.

In the food processor, combine:

1 can drained black beans

one half of a can of garbanzo beans (chickpeas)

one quarter cup vegetable oil

about 3 teaspoons of roasted red peppers from a jar of chopped roasted red peppers

1 tbsp chopped garlic (I use the chopped garlic that is in a squeeze tube)

juice of one lime

3 shakes of paprika

3 shakes of cumin

1 shake of garlic salt

one half teaspoon sea salt

Blend on HI until it is smooth and then get ready to taste test with a tablespooon.

Look at how much that made!

Happy Allergy Free Eating!


3 responses to “Boy that’s good Black Bean Dip

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  3. Emma

    Delicious and quick and easy to make! I accidentally bought whole roasted red peppers and added 3 to the recipe. The dip was still fantastic and the extra red peppers added a nice reddish color to the dip.

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