Pass the Rice

Last night, I went out to dinner with a very good friend of mine.  Since we both love sushi, we went to Typhoon Asian Bistro.  Added bonus- rice is gluten free!  I knew I would actually have a choice of what to eat and wouldn’t have to ask the waiter a million questions.  Asian food can be very food allergy friendly… I just have to stay away from the white fish products and soy sauce.

When we sat down, I informed the waiter that I was gluten free, and he said that they had a gluten free menu.  Even bigger bonus!  My friend told the waiter to bring her a gluten free menu as well… I think it takes a great friend to say “hey, I am going to do this with you.”  We were both amazed at the choices!  We thought the several pages of the original menu was extensive, but never imagined how big the gluten free menu would be, too.  We stuck with our favorites of salmon, tuna, and crab… no white fish here!

The waiter was even sure to bring wheat free and low sodium soy sauce for both of us, without me having to ask.  I was impressed at how accommodating he was, given my food allergies.  I have learned over the past few months, that all you have to do is ask for a special request.  Most restaurants are very friendly and not annoyed when I say that I have food allergies.  I never want to be a pain in a restaurant in fear that they will spit in my food, but Typhoon Asian Bistro was great.  And clearly they respect food allergies if they have an entire gluten free menu!  I am seeing more and more of those these days.  All you have to do is ask.


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