Not your cafeteria chili

We are still in the middle of winter.  Ugh.  Nothing like a hot and spicy meal to warm us up!  I decided to make Chili last night… but not the mushy brown cafeteria chili.  Spicy, flavorful, colorful chili.  I love making chili, especially around this time of year, but have never written down my recipe until now.  That is what is so great about chili.  You can just throw everything in the pot, let it simmer, and it tastes delicious!  I think a key of chili is making your own spice packet… not buying the chili spice packet from the grocery store.  My favorite chili spices are cumin, paprika, and red pepper flakes… as well as a mystery ingredient you will have to read the recipe for to find out!

I usually put sour cream and cheddar cheese on my chili to give it that creamy goodness.  But I found some dairy free alternatives at the grocery store yesterday that I wanted to try out:

Verdict: Pretty good.  The sour cream had a great texture, but definitely had a soy taste.  I added just a little to my chili to give it some creaminess and couldn’t taste the soy at all.  The Daiya cheese is pretty good.  I have had the mozzarella before and like it.  It has a good texture and does melt (some soy cheeses retain their shape and make you wonder what is in them).  You have to know that it isn’t going to taste exactly like cheese, but I think the taste is pretty good.  Thumbs up additions to my chili!


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