Product Review

I was doing my usual Target shopping last week… cards, house cleaner, shampoo… when I came across something I have never seen before.  Betty Crocker makes gluten free products?!

bc products

I have tried my fair share of gluten free flours, cookies, and breads… but there is something so reassuring about Betty Crocker… you just know it is going to be good.  So, I bought the Betty Crocker gluten free brownie mix and decided to give it a try.

gf brownie

It was about $5… pretty average for gluten free products.  I only had to add 2 eggs (or egg replacer) and one quarter cup butter… which I used vegan butter.  I also added some dairy free chocolate chips because I love a chocolate chip brownie.  Throw them in the oven, bake for 35 minutes, and ta da!  Literally perfect brownies.  I actually checked the box again because I didn’t believe that they were gluten free.  I was amazed.  I will definitely buy this mix again, and probably will have to soon because I can’t stop eating them…



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