Eggnog Martini

In a new house this year, I was very excited to decorate for Christmas.  Buying a tree, putting a wreath on the front door, building a fire, and celebrating the season!  I decorated for Christmas this week, and of course had to have the Christmas music playing and an Eggnog Martini in hand.  Nothing says ‘Tis the Season like Eggnog.  Err, dairy free Eggnog.

I came across So Delicious Eggnogg, and it is delicious.  Tastes just like the real thing.  I love the So Delicious brand products and use them constantly.  I even put the Nog Coconut Milk  in my coffee on those lazy weekend mornings.

nog milk

Eggnog Martini

In a martini shaker, shake vigorously:

  1. 1 shot whipped cream vodka
  2. 1 shot amaretto
  3. about 3 shots ‘eggnog’ (enough to fill the rest of the martini glass)

Pour the ingredients into a martini glass and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

nog martini

Happy Allergy Free Drinking!


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