Gluten Free Goodies

I just wanted to share some gluten free goodies I have recently found and enjoyed!  The more gluten free products I find, the more choices I have and the less it feels like a compromise… and the more tastes I can enjoy.

I love those KIND bars that are full of nuts and seeds… and recently found granola!  Perfect in the morning with some soy milk.  There are so many flavors, too.

I LOVE sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries… but fries are so hard to find gluten free.  These don’t say gluten free right on the package, but are make with rice flour and oil…. and taste delicious.

My new favorite afternoon snack is a gluten free caramel rice cake with some dark chocolate peanut butter spread… which is also gluten and dairy free.  Also perfect for dessert!

And the best find of all (from the recommendation of a good friend)… dairy free JP Licks ice cream!  I tried some for the first time tonight and really enjoyed it.  I had the coffee lace flavor, and can’t wait to try the others… chocolate fudge, cow trax, and other fruity ones.


Happy Allergy Free Snacking!


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  1. Thanks – Always looking for new glutten free products and receipes. My daughter has Celiac Disease – Keep me posted

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