I’ve been doing the leftover thing recently for dinner, so my kitchen hasn’t been cooking lately.  However, I wanted to share my favorite recent snacks that keep sneaking out of my cupboards.  A couple were discovered at my local grocery store, but I also made some great finds at Target!  (Really, what doesn’t that store have?!)  The snacks are all of the sweet or salty variety… enjoy!

Chips that taste like popcorn, and are gluten free!  I’m not the biggest fan of popcorn, but these are really good.  I have tried the sea salt and kettle variety, both delicious.

Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips!  A great way to add some more vitamins with sweet potatoes instead of just corn.  And gluten free!

I bought prepared guacamole at the grocery store to go with the Sweet Potato Chips.  This picture was taken a few days after opening… and no brown spots.  I hate it when guacamole goes bad so quickly.

Dairy free chocolate chunks… found at Target!  They are so good with some trail mix.  I can’t even tell the difference between them and “real” chocolate chips.

Can you read the fine print?  This is a jar full of peanut butter AND chocolate!  Good on a banana, toast, in oatmeal, or just on a spoon.  Also found at Target.

Happy Allergy Free Snacking!


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  1. Sweet potato tortilla chips?! I’m going to be on the lookout for these!

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