Can something be half homemade?

This time of year is perfect for making homemade soup.  Soup out of a can can be great in a pinch, but there is something so much more satisfying about making soup from scratch.  This weekend, I made homemade soup… well, half way homemade soup.

I had these gluten free soup packs in my cabinet… you have probably seen them before… a package of spices that you just add meat and chicken stock to on the stove.  A little heat, and about 20 minutes later you have soup.  I wanted to try the Tomato Basil mix I had, but wanted to add some umph to it.  So, I found “Soup Mix” at Whole Foods… a package of pre cut veggies just for soup!  Carrots, celery, parsnips, butternut squash, onion.


I took the spice mix, a box of gluten free chicken broth, the pre cut veggies, and put them in a soup pan over medium heat for 20-30 minutes (until the veggies were tender).  Ta-da!  Halfway homemade soup!  It definitely tasted better than canned soup, but wasn’t as much work as doing every step from scratch.

Happy Allergy Free Souping!


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