So delicious, not sure if it was LEGAL…

One of the greatest things about living in the Boston area is the easy access to great seafood… at least in my opinion.  Although I am allergic to some fish, I happily agree with shellfish.  🙂

This week, my best friend and I went out in Boston to celebrate her birthday.  You know you have a great best friend when she asks where you want to go, even though it is her birthday… so thoughtful of my allergies!  So, we ended up at Legal Sea Food right on the water in Boston.  Pretty setting, great company, delicious food!

When we sat down, they asked if we had any food allergies.  I went though my bit, and the waitress said; “Oh, well we have chick pea flour, so you can also get anything fried.”  WHAT?!  What an amazing opportunity that I don’t get very often… so naturally we had to try it!

First we had oysters:

Then shrimp cocktail, with spicy cocktail sauce already mixed in:

And the famous calamari fried in chick pea flour:

They even fried the lemon slices!

We were pleasantly surprised.  The fried food was light, crispy, and tasted way better than regular deep fried food.  Katelyn said  she would even try it again even though she doesn’t have to eat gluten free!  Thanks, Legal Sea Food!

And here is my favorite part… the bottom half of the receipt was very clear on my allergies!


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