Back from Oz!

Hello again, America!  Well, the past few weeks have been a whirlwind.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I spent 6 days in California and 12 days in Australia.  I saw some amazing views, spent quality time with friends, and ate my way across the globe.  Here is a small sampling of my most interesting meals…

1.  Airline food.  Yep.  I ordered a gluten free meal from Qantas Airlines and boy, did they deliver.  I was so impressed.  On each leg of my trip, I had some sort of gluten free roll/bread, chicken and veggies, and even dairy free butter for the roll and soymilk for my coffee.  I certainly did not expect such white glove service, and didn’t need many of my snacks.  I even got my meal before everyone else!

2.  Pig tail.  Now, this one took some bravery.  My friends and I were at a very nice restaurant in Sydney, and if there were ever a time to try some obscure part of a pig, this was it.  Pork is not my favorite meat, but it was one of those things I just “had” to try.  So I swallowed hard, and took a bite… it tasted like pork, but was very lean and very sweet.  I tried to eat it quickly because its presentation was a little too realistic…

3.  Kangaroo!  We went to Hunter Valley one afternoon, Australian wine country.  The mountains and valley were breathtaking, just as Napa was.  But I have to admit, Australian wine is sooo much better than American wine.  And what really made the experience complete was seeing kangaroos in the wild… just hopping along the valley!  So naturally, we had to grill kangaroo fillets for dinner that night, which of course we found in the local grocery store.  I wish it was available here, because it is my new favorite red meat.  It tasted like venison… smokey and rich in flavor, but very lean.

It was a pretty unbelievable trip… so much that I sometimes don’t believe that I traveled 10,000 miles to such a beautiful and far away land!  Here are some of my favorite sights from Australia…

Kangaroos in the wild!


Sydney skyline

The sky feels slanted, like you are on the edge of the earth.

Breathtaking Blue Mountains

Happy Allergy Free Eating… and adventure taking!


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