Findings from Down Under!

What a journey we’ve had so far! I am in awe of all the amazing sights we have seen in California and now Australia. I am trying to soak in every moment and take mental pictures of very scene. From deep fruitful valleys to relaxing beaches to jaw dropping cliffs to busy city life, we have seen it all… and ate it all!

As I sit here admiring this view of Sydney from my friend’s apartment, here are some random food facts we have discovered…
Seafood and wine are so fresh in CA. I swear fish are caught within minutes of serving.
Fresh cherries and strawberries are sold anywhere along the side of the road in CA… and soy plants grow in rows as far as the eye can see.
Everything tastes better when you can eat it along a beach in CA.
Carrots in Australia are as wide as your wrist.
The only chains in Australia are KFC and one Starbucks… so we know we have eaten authentic food.
A latte is called “flat white.” How genius to call coffee by how much milk there is in it!
I have never tasted better lamb in my life. Amazing.
I am still waiting for an opportunity to try kangaroo. I hear it’s actually delicious.
An Australian pub is a place where you order drinks at a bar and meat at a counter… and then have to cook the meat on a grill yourself.
You don’t tip in a restaurant! But everything is much more expensive.
Walking on the left side of the road is a serious challenge (ok not food related, but nonetheless important!)

More to come when I return to the states!
We are off to eat another meal…



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