Fruity and Flavorful

The weather this week in Boston is that soft whisper of spring that makes us think summer actually might arrive sometime this year.  We are supposed to get into the 60s this week… break out the flip flops!

With the nice weather, I made the switch from hearty roasted vegetables to spring fruits.  Tonight, I made a seriously flavorful fruit salsa to top off my dinner, a recipe that my mom and I created and talked out over the phone.  She tried her version of it over white fish; I added a few zingers and put it over chicken.

Here are the grocery ingredients:

Into small cubes, I chopped up one red pepper, one can of pineapple rings, one half of a red onion, one mango, and one half of a bunch of scallions.  The chopped pieces should all be around the same size.  I then added the juice of one orange and two limes, a few shakes of garlic salt, lemon pepper, and ginger.  Toss, and then let sit for an hour before serving.  Here is the final product:

The mango was a new adventure for me.  I have never really bought or cut up a mango, and it was a great new experience.  Did you know what the inside looks like?

I am definitely going to keep this recipe.  It can be put over chicken, fish, pork, rice, salad, beans… the possibilities are endless. Welcome, summer!



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