This past week, I went over a friend’s house to catch up and spend time with her family.  She used to teach with me, and we became fast friends.  Now, she is a wonderful mother to two children and a brand new baby.  I couldn’t wait to meet the new cherub and catch up over a home cooked meal!

While I was drooling over the beautiful new baby, my friend was cooking a delicious meal.  An allergy friendly meal!  It takes a thoughtful and wonderful friend to make such a special dish.  She cooked her favorite Giada recipe, Roman Chicken.

It was deeeee-licious!  It was a very fancy version of Chicken Cacciatore, with prosciutto and white wine.  You can see how great it looks, but I wish I could somehow link the flavorful smell to my post, too!  And, she even bought gluten-free pasta to go with it!  I brought a side of Raspberry Walnut Chicken Salad, without the chicken on top.

If I didn’t think I was spoiled enough, she bought coconut milk ice cream for dessert!  I have tried the SoDelicious brand before, namely their yogurts and coffee creamers.  Their products are made with coconut milk instead of cow’s milk, which makes them really rich and delicious.  The ice cream was especially tasty… the kids didn’t even notice the difference and had chocolate mustaches just like I did!  I am sure I would eat it even if I wasn’t dairy free.

What a great night…the Roman Chicken was savory, the ice cream was decadent, the company was perfect, and I was spoiled!!


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