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Gluten Free Pizza!

One of the things I miss the most is pizza.  It is tough to find really good gluten free substitutes for pizza, and when you do, they are super expensive.  I wanted to try making a gluten free pizza at home, but have never made dough or bread before.  Lucky for me, after just a little searching, I found Namaste Foods gluten free dough!

pizza crustIt was $6.99 and makes two crusts!  Perfect and cost effective.  The directions are also very easy… just add oil and water, spread on a cookie sheet, bake, then add your favorite toppings and bake again!  I was so happy with this!

I followed the directions, which were easy and realistic, and then made my favorite kind of pizza… BBQ chicken.  I cut chicken tenders into bite sized pieces and sautéd them with some BBQ sauce until cooked through.  Then on the pizza crust, I put a layer of BBQ sauce, the chicken, some red and yellow peppers, red onion, a little mozzarella (I was willing to take the risk and reactions for my favorite pizza!) and some banana peppers.  Sweet and Spicy BBQ Chicken Pizza!  And ta da……

bbq pizza

My favorite pizza made at home and cost effective!  I think this is my new favorite weekend meal 🙂

Happy Allergy Free Eating!





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