Favorite Allergy Free Foods

Here is an ongoing list of my favorite allergy free foods:

Van’s Waffles. Gluten, dairy, egg free.  My perfect breakfast!

(I even had an allergy free friend recently tell me that they buy these waffles because they taste delicious, not because they are allergy friendly)

Earth Balance Butter. Vegan, so I know it is dairy and egg free.  And it has an added health bonus of flaxseed in it.

Udi’s bread products. Gluten and dairy free, but they do contain egg whites.  So, I eat them on occasion when I know that egg products won’t be part of the rest of my day.  They really have the BEST consistency and taste like real bread, not that other  cardboard stuff I have tried.

Chicken Sausage and Tofu Scramble. For a protein packed breakfast that gives me enough energy to be a teacher, I scramble sliced chicken sausage and tofu in a skillet each morning.  Takes maybe 3 minutes, and I swear it tastes like sausage and scrambled eggs.  I seriously wake up excited about this breakfast.  And since there are so many different kinds of chicken sausage, there are also so many different flavor combos to try.










One response to “Favorite Allergy Free Foods

  1. Jeanine

    I had to try the Van’s waffles seeing them on your blog. I would recommend them! They are very light, tasty and great! Thanks for the recommendation! (coming from an allergy free reader)

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