Ever feel bloated after a heavy carb dinner or feel like your throat is scratchy after eating dairy?  Well, you could have some food sensitivities.  Even if you don’t, it is important to know that what you put in your mouth can affect you in different ways.  Here is what some people are saying about the benefits of eating wheat and dairy free:

Lance Armstrong believes that a wheat and dairy free diet can alleviate aches, pains, headaches, and can help you lose weight.

Living Without magazine speaks about using a wheat and dairy free diet to aid symptoms of autism in children.

Dr. Oz mentions that healthy eating can prevent disease later in life.

Alicia Silverstone challenges us to lead a Vegan lifestyle (which includes being dairy free!) to help our environment as well as our health.

Whether or not you are allergic to wheat and dairy, I think the important message here is to be mindful of what we eat.  We are used to eating food because it is pleasing.  Yet we often forget about the fact that food affects our daily actions because it fuels our day.  I hope that we can all be more aware of what we eat and how it affects us.  Here’s to good eating!


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