Some local eats

I ate a couple of meals from take out places this week, and needed to share them.  They put two of my forbidden foods back on my gluten free plate.  I had pasta and pizza this week… both gluten free, and both phenomenally delicious.  I was so impressed and had to share.

Earlier this week, I ordered take out dinner from The Chateau in MA.  The Chateau does typical family style Italian.  It also has a great basic gluten free menu that I obviously needed to try!  I ordered gluten free chicken parm with penne.  My chicken parm had no cheese on it per request, but I added some grated rice cheese on top when I got home.  I was so impressed by this meal, that I actually didn’t believe the pasta was gluten free.  I kept waiting to get sick!  Well done, Chateau!

The other gluten free take out I had this week was from Easy Pie in MA.  Easy Pie does sandwiches and pizza.  In honor of a math teacher’s favorite holiday (Pi Day!), my colleagues and I shared some pizza pie.  Mine was gluten and dairy free, and full of filling veggies.  The crust was a perfect pizza crust.  I will definitely be back to Easy Pie!

If you live in MA, you should check out these local eateries!  And keep an eye out for other gluten free menus… they are starting to really stand out.

Happy Allergy Free Eating Out!



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