Beer Tastings

One of the things I miss most about being gluten free is enjoying a beer.  For a while, many people told me to try Redbridge, which is gluten free and easy to find.  I did give it a shot, and it was… okay.  Not my favorite beer, but I guess it could work if I was really craving a beer.

But recently I came across 3 new gluten free beers, all so delicious!

The first one is made from rice.  It is light, citrusy, and very thirst quenching.  Similar to a white ale.

The second one is my new favorite.  For someone who was a big Guinness fan, this is an excellent compromise.  It has a genuine taste similar to a porter or a stout… dark and rich.  It is made from millet, buckwheat, and rice.

The third one is raspberry flavored… which I never imagined I would find!  Its base is corn, and it is very similar to a raspberry UFO.  Really delicious!

Although these beers are hard to find in restaurants and bars, it is nice to see them in my fridge as an icy cold option!


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  1. Jeany Burke

    I am glad you are so dedicated!!! Enjoy……

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