“Boy That Was Good” Burton’s

With time, this whole eating-out-in-a-restaurant thing is getting better… and it certainly helps when I go to a restaurant that has an entire gluten free menu!

Last night, I went to Burton’s Grill.  Burton’s already gets high marks in food and atmosphere, but they truly stand out because of their separate gluten free menu.  This menu features many of their regular menu items, but with gluten free variations.  I love reading my own menu, knowing that I could get anything on it!

Each menu item that is made in a special gluten free way has turquoise writing and this symbol at the bottom:

After I ordered, as usual, a manager came to talk to me about my allergies.  He reminded me that all gluten free fare come on square plates, so I know which food is meant for me.  He even came back to check on me once my food came out to make sure that everything was to my liking.  What a nice feeling!

So, on the menu last night was a plate of oysters (naturally gluten free!) and their Land and Sea plate.  A filet mignon and grilled shrimp, with my choice of 2 sides (from a list of 5).  I chose a baked potato and cucumber salad.  I was even offered a gluten free roll!  On a square plate, of course.

Another successful dining experience, thanks to the care taken by Burton’s.  I will certainly be back!


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