New Kitchen Additions

Like a man in a hardware store buying tools, I love getting new kitchen gadgets.  You can only cook great food if you have the right tools.  I have three new additions to my kitchen that I just have to share because I don’t know how I lived without them before.

1.  My Staub grilling pan.  You know you are foodie when your favorite birthday present is for your kitchen.  Because I don’t have a grill, I got this grill pan that has grill lines on the bottom of the pan, as well as on the lid!  You heat the grill pan up until it is very hot (both top and bottom pieces), add your meat, cover with the top lid, and listen to the sizzle.  Perfect grill marks!  Now I can grill all year long, right on my stove.

2.  My bendable cutting board.  Sheer genius.  The cutting board lays flat, and then can bend in different directions so you can slide the veggies right into whatever you are cooking.  No more spilled veggies over the side of the pan.

3.  My salt and pepper grinder.  Not grinderS… grinder.  Sea salt and black pepper in ONE grinder.  A few twists, and you have the perfect black and white seasonings.  This is where my mom and I would ask ourselves why we didn’t think of this and become millionaires…

Happy Allergy Free Cooking!


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