A Lil’ Lunch Sharing…

Yesterday, I had a great lunch with my mom at Nolen Kitchen in Charlotte, North Carolina.  So great that I had to share.  It is one of my favorite lunch places, and we sat outside which made the dining experience that much better.  Nolen Kitchen has mediterranean cuisine, which is a perfect fit for someone who eats a lot of meat and veggies.

When in the south, I have to have sweet tea with lunch… there is something so thirst quenching about it (even though it is also high in calories… you probably sweat them all out while sweating in this heat).

For lunch, I ordered a Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken on top… sans the feta.  I love that the greek salad at Nolen Kitchen has largely chopped peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  And the dressing is a red wine vinaigrette that is very light and yet also very flavorful.  I think I see next week’s lunches to bring to school!

The best part of lunchtime was dessert.  We happened to walk into Yoforia, a self serve frozen yogurt place, just to see if there were any dairy free options.  I was beyond excited when I saw “dairy free raspberry sorbet.”  Finally, I can eat in an ice cream store again!  I haven’t had ice cream outside of my own freezer in over a year.  Just being in an ice cream store was the pinnacle of summer for me.

I wish everyday’s lunch could be like this!  Happy Allergy Free Eating!


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