Restaurant Dining… to fear or not to fear?

Eating out in restaurants can be a challenge… a big one.  I know that I have to tell the waiter that I have food allergies, but am often embarrassed or just tired of saying it.  At first, it was really hard to realize that I have to look at a menu for what I CAN eat instead of what I WANT to eat.  But, as with anything else, it has gotten easier with time and experience… and a little patience.  I now know what to look for on a menu and what substitutions to ask for.  I really do feel like I can still enjoy restaurant dining.  Recently, I have been on vacation which brings the easy thrill of eating out… so I wanted to share with you what great wheat and dairy free meals I have found on menus!

Burger Sushi!  At Cowfish Burger Bar, they actually put burger meat right into the sushi.  Genius and delicious.  And of course gluten free soy sauce on the side.

Chicken Curry at a local Indian restaurant, Blue Taj.

Tofu Scramble at Flying Biscuit Cafe.  Seriously, you have no idea it isn’t scrambled eggs.

Grilled romaine salad with cherry tomatoes, red onions, and walnuts.  The lettuce was actually charred!

Steak dinner at Port Land Grille.  Two veggie sides instead of mashed potatoes… I did miss the mashed, but the steak made up for it!

Chicken Tacos with rice and beans at Cantina 1511… a mexican restaurant with it’s very own gluten free menu!

Restaurant dining can be fun and delicious.  There are more options than you think.  Actually, ethnic restaurants have the most options… which says a lot about our own American dining.  Happy Allergy Free Eating Out!



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