Summer Salsa Talk

When I visit my parents, my mom goes on a culinary binge creating gluten and dairy free meals.  She is always on the lookout, and I often go home with numerous copies of recipes… and a full stomach.

This week, my mom made salmon with summer salsa on top, with roasted green beans and quinoa on the side.  We went to the local farmer’s market to get fresh fruits and veggies for the salsa…always the best way to get fresh and less expensive produce.  The salsa included chopped mango, red pepper, tomato, jalapenos, shallots, a tablespoon of apricot jam, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and lime juice.  A perfect summer topping.

After dinner, my mom and I were talking about how homemade salsa can take on so many different varieties.  Here is how the conversation went:

“This was so delicious.  You could also add red onion for a kick.”

“Oooo, or how about capers and olives?”

“Or you could make a citrus salsa by adding orange slices.”

“Or grapefruit!”

“What about some crunch… like nuts… pine nuts would be good.”

“And celery.”

“Waldorf salsa… celery, grapes, and walnuts.”

“Or BLT salsa… with arugula and chopped bacon.”

“And you could put this over chicken, or in a salad, or even over sausage in the morning.”

“You know, we really should write all this down…”

And so it goes.  My mom and I really love talking about food and how different flavors come together.  We often look at recipes and then discuss how we could change them with different flavors for different seasons, meals, or tastes.  To me, this is what makes cooking such a fun challenge. 🙂

Happy Allergy Free Eating, and talking… go make some salsa!


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