When I first learned of my allergies, I quickly realized that it meant most dessert and breakfast items were no longer an option for me.  In the long run, giving up regular decadent dessert items and indulgent big breakfasts is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  But it is also about balance.  Recently, I have found myself in situations where I really could have my cake and eat it, too!

Victory #1.  I recently made chocolate birthday cupcakes for a friend.  Excuse me…wheat, dairy, and egg free chocolate birthday cupcakes!  I found a cupcake mix at Stonewall Kitchen that was gluten free… I used coconut creamer instead of milk and Ener-G Egg Replacer instead of eggs.  Verdict?  DELICIOUS.  I even had my no allergy friends give the thumbs up.

They even look real!

Thank you, Stonewall Kitchen!  Amazing gluten free products.

Victory #2.  After a recent sweat-a-thon Zumba class, my loyal Zumba friend and I grabbed breakfast at a local diner.  Very local… as in, there were only about 10 tables and the owner was taking orders.  To my pleasant surprise, they had an entire gluten free menu… I just had to ask for it!  French Toast?  You got it!  Pancakes?  No problem!  I was amazed at the selection, as well as the taste.  I felt like a normal restaurant goer again!

These small victories showed me that I don’t have to give up any foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is also allergy free… I can have my allergy free cake, eat it, and enjoy it, too!


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