Oh the places I’ve been…

My parents live in North Carolina and I have been down south visiting them this week.  As a nice treat, we like to go out for lunch.  As a person with food allergies, this can be tough.  But I am always impressed with how the waiter or waitress responds because they take the allergies very seriously, but are also very accommodating.  Usually when I ask a question, they go and ask the chef and report back to me… very reassuring.  Here are some of my dairy and wheat free lunches this week…

At an Italian place, it was tough finding a dairy and wheat free meal, but the chef so nicely made me some grilled chicken and vegetables with a balsamic glaze.

At a Mexican restaurant, I got fajitas with corn tortillas… an easy switch from the advertised flour tortillas.  So much food!

At a general American restaurant, I got a salad with crab meat, tomatoes, and avocado.  One of the best salads I’ve ever had!

Just to top it all off… not only are the accents and weather different down here than in the Northeast, but so are the ice cream flavors.  Ever heard of Cayenne, Banana and Honey, Reisling and pear, or Goat Cheese and Fig ice cream?!

So, eating out with allergies isn’t always easy, but it is easy to ask questions so you know exactly what you are eating.  Happy allergy free eating…out!


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